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We are Joel, Desiree, and Liam and we just want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us by browsing our website. We would like to tell you a little about ourselves and our family and what has driven us to pursue adoption. We would also like to give you a small glimpse into our lives with our favorite photos! If you or anyone you know is pregnant and considering adoption, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Joel & Desiree

Waiting for Another Child to Love

Meet Joel…

I enjoy playing bass for our church’s worship team, running races/mud runs with my friends and brothers, watching sports while out with my buddies or even hanging out at home and playing xbox. I work as an Unemployment Hearings Coordinator. My job keeps my mind active and challenges me every day; which I enjoy most about my work. I love to play with my son, nieces and nephew, and my friends’ children. My wife and friends call me a kid at heart because of how silly I act with any child.

Meet Desiree…

I am a second grade teacher. I absolutely LOVE teaching and getting to make an impact in other kids’ lives. My schedule is just an added bonus as I get snow days, holidays, and summer break off, all of which I get to spend with my son. I enjoy getting to go out for an occasional ladies night but I do enjoy some time to myself when I get to sit down with a good book or catch up on a TV show. My absolute favorite thing to do is getting to be with my family. Spending time with Joel and watching our son grow is a true joy.

Meet Liam…

Liam is energetic, sweet, spunky, compassionate, and funny. He is constantly on the go, but come nighttime he is extra snuggly. He is naturally athletic and enjoys playing basketball, soccer, baseball, and riding his bike. He has a great imagination. He loves dressing up as superheroes and playing with daddy. His favorite toys are hot wheels cars. He enjoys reading and doing his homework from preschool. Liam loves getting to spend time playing with his cousins and friends.

What led us to Adoption…

We have always known we wanted a big family with lots of kids and adoption was part of that plan as it has always been near and dear to our hearts.

Our second pregnancy came with unforeseen complications. Our second son, Jonah Donovan, was born prematurely at 28 weeks and lived for one week. While his life was short, it was extremely impactful on our family. Soon after losing Jonah in 2014, we were told that the same complications we faced with him while pregnant would occur again to any other baby and pregnancy. Doctors gave us other alternatives, but after much prayer we decided adoption was the route our family was meant to take.

We feel the loss of Jonah and pregnancy complications we faced just pushed us to adoption sooner.

Are you or someone you know pregnant and considering adoption?

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Joel’s Family

I am the youngest of three sons and my family is very close. We make it a point to see each other as often as we can. Even with my oldest brother living in Colorado, we make sure to talk often on the phone.  Growing up, our family kept strong Christian values, with my parents also becoming part time pastors.

Desiree’s Family

I am one of four daughters and two sons. My parents raised us up in a loving, Christian home. My family is also very close. We enjoy spending time together. We see each other every Sunday for lunch at our parents’ house. Yearly we go on family vacations or weekend trips together.

Our Family

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Family & Friends

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Family Time

Family time is really important to us. We love taking time out of our schedules to spend time with each other. We enjoy spending the nights in during the week and doing fun activities during the weekend. We enjoy spending most of our time outside when we can.