img_5694We are Andrew and Darreth and we are the older siblings of Joel and Desiree. It’s thanks to our relationship that Desiree and Joel met and are now married. We are extremely close to Desiree and Joel. We see each other several times a week and we help with childcare for our kids throughout the week with school and the rare date nights. We consider Desiree and Joel not only family, but very close friends, and we look to them often for godly advice. They are both great listeners and take their faith and family very seriously. It’s important to them to spend time with other like-minded people. We have the same group of friends and we attend the same church, so we are often together in both big and small social settings. As parents, they are patient and kind and fun; our children constantly ask to go to their house. They are also our children’s godparents. We trust them as a couple probably more than any other couple. We have seen them together during conflicts and they handle them better than anyone else we know, and we believe the key is their deep commitment to each other and their open and honest communication. We are so grateful for their friendship and even though we are older siblings, we look up to both of them. We pray daily for their future baby and cannot wait to tell him/her about how amazing his/her parents are.

Andrew & Darreth
Joel’s Brother & Desiree’s Sister

img_5694“Many claim to have unfailing love, but a faithful person who can find? The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them” Proverbs 20:6-7. This bible verse describes Dez and Joel perfectly. Their faith has never wavered in spite of circumstances they have endured; circumstances in which others would crumble. Dez and Joel are both selfless and compassionate, and they have a heart for serving others. We are blessed to call them our family, and your child would be blessed to call them theirs.

Dan & Nikki
Joel’s Brother & Sister-in-law

img_5699As a couple, we have known Desiree and Joel for a little over 7 years, but Geoff has known Desiree for 25 years and Joel for 10. We consider them to be more like family than friends and we can’t imagine our lives without them. Our children are slightly obsessed with them. “Dez” was one of our son Abel’s first words. Today when we asked Abel, now 3, what he loves most about Liam he responds, “He is my best friend”. Favorite thing about Dez? “Loving her”. Favorite thing about Joel? “Playing with him”. That pretty much sums up how all kids feel about this family.

You can find us sharing dinner in our sweatpants on a weekly basis. The guys watching football and wrestling with the kids, the girls on the couch chatting and occasionally calming hurt boo-boo’s while the kids play together. We are so blessed to have them in our lives, their friendship is irreplaceable. Joel and Dez have taught us that blood does not determine who your family is, and we are beyond excited to see them gain another child into their own family.

Geoff & Lauren
Friends, 25 years

img_5682I have had the honor of knowing Desiree for the last 21 years! We met in 6th grade and instantly connected after she invited me to church with her and her family. I have known Joel for 11 years and met him through Desiree’s older sister, who was dating Joel’s older brother. Desiree and Joel are wonderful friends and amazing parents. They are one of the strongest, most selfless people I know. They always put God first in everything they do and trust His plan for them. Desiree and Joel are positive role models to everyone they meet and are extremely involved in their community and church. Their unconditional love for their children is evident. Not only are they loving and affectionate parents they show the same kind of love, respect, and nurture to other people’s children. There is nothing NOT to love about the Naylor family, they are a very special family!

Christine & David
Friends, 21 years

img_5692I have known Desiree for 15 years, and we have known Desiree and Joel together for over 10 years. Desiree and I initially met at church youth group as teenagers and our friendship continued for years to now include our husbands and children. They are some of our favorite people and we are blessed to have experienced the big moments and day to day life with them. When we are going to do something with Dez and Joel, our kids get really excited. And the biggest reason is that they are going to see Joel. He plays with them, engages with them on their level, plays chase, and more. He is a grown up that our kids (ages 4 and 2) get truly happy to see. Our life is better with Dez, Joel, and Liam in it. I am absolutely sure that another child in their family would be loved, cherished…and also have a lot of fun.

Mallory & Matt
Friends, 15 years

img_5688We have known Joel and Desiree for about six years. We met through mutual friends at River of Life Family Church in Alton, Illinois. It didn’t take long for us to become very good friends. Joel and Desiree exude love in all aspects of their lives. They have a very healthy marriage and make each other a priority, going on date nights and carving time out of their schedules to connect. They are role models not only for us but for all other young couples. They are fabulous parents who work diligently in raising their son, setting limitations, while showering him with love. Honestly, I’ve never met a more selfless, strong couple.

Not only are Joel and Desiree fabulous parents to their son, they are amazing with our own children. We have three daughters who are completely infatuated with this couple. Anytime we’re around them, Joel always plays with the girls and he can make them laugh like no one else can. Desiree goes above and beyond with our girls, taking time to ask them about school or their extra-curricular activities. Both Joel and Desiree treat our children like they are one of their own. Anytime we have to search for a sitter, our girls always request Dez & Joel!

Matt & Tiffany
Friends, 6 years

img_5699We have known Joel and Desiree for over 6 years. We met them at our church where they were already serving when we joined. We have worked closely with them in ministry at the church where we watch them put into action their incredible love for God and for people.

We have a 6 year old and a 3 year old and we really enjoy watching our kids grow up together. Liam is a sweet, fun ball of energy and will be a great brother to any child that joins their family.

We couldn’t imagine a more loving and compassionate couple than Joel and Desiree. We’ve been invited to their family events and have seen how welcoming and loving their extended family is as well. We feel like part of their family.

Nathan & Kacey
Friends, 6 years